Global Systems

The object of the smart production with efficient communication among themselves, secure, allows you to explore with innovative solutions.

Cloud Systems

Wherever you are on the Internet, access offers high systems of open, secure, storable, transactional capacity.

Smart Systems

It combines analytical intelligence and foresight, manageable, interoperable, secure and scalable platform for a new equilibrium.

Automation Systems

Automation systems is the connecting up of factory equipment to improve the efficiency and reliability of process control systems.

Over 40+ unique project
We offer special solutions for you.

We help your business grow its domain.

Full Responsive

It enables the elements such as pictures, text on the your website to be automatically reshaped according to the platform resolution when accessed from platforms such as mobile and tablet.

Web Design

Your design ideas are designed according to your business and your requests within the framework of certain criteria with an aesthetic point of view.


SEO Service

With Search Engine Optimization arrangements, search engines will make it easier for your customers to find your website, so you will be able to reach your target audience more quickly.

Language Support

You can reach more people with your site which will be prepared with a multi-language option to promote your products / services to foreign countries, to import-export or to increase your international prestige.

IoT/Internet of Things

Take your business operations and processes up a notch with M2Biot Software & consultancy IoT solution.


Internet of Things

As children of the technology revolution, business-specific business solutions, smart manufacturing systems and accelerating, profit, security to businesses, while recognizing the potential of the business and owners of the world to rediscover the opportunity to offer, is proud to be a company that develops its face in the future, along with its innovative, innovative and perfectionist customers.

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Take care of your business and increase profits.


Gym Software

M2Biot GYM software is for gyms and health clubs of all sizes and stages. Helping you have happier members, healthy business growth, and more time for you to do the things that you love.

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Cafe Software

Reduce customer wait time and keep queues short with minimal transaction time, our dynamic cafe POS was designed for clever business owners like you.

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Pre-Accounting Software

Save time and resource by using software to automate processes for managing your finances, payroll, and accepting payments.

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Accounting Software

Keep clients coming back for your guidance, with powerful solutions and a community of experts that help you shine as a trusted advisor.

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R & D

Our Projects in the R & D Process

Smart Key-Lock Software and Hardware

Conference on the sales results for the previous year. Monica please examine sales trends in marketing and products. Below please find the current status of the sale.


Blockchain Based Control Recognition and Transition Software and Hardware (V.2)

Usage Areas: It is the place where high security passage and security systems are needed.


Card, Face and Fingerprint Recognition and Transition Software and Hardware (V.1)

Usage Areas: Fitness, Personal Development, Box, Spa, Yoga and Pilates Centers, Dance Schools, Martial Arts Halls, Sports Performance Centers, Health Clubs, Physical Therapy Centers, Health Centers, Construction Site, Factory, Hotel are the places where card pass is needed.


Our Software Development Tools

Modern languages we use to give you better service


Application and Embedded Systems


C ++ and with its libraries are you developing safer and faster software and hardware.


Web Programming


With the PHP Extensible and secure framework structure, we open new pages to you on the Internet.




We are developing our applications that will make your job easier by working on all operating systems.


Web Design


Fikirlerinizin estetik bir bakış açısıyla, işletmenize ve isteklerinize uygun olarak tasarlıyoruz.

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M2Biot; Software, IT, R & D and Consulting Company. Small and medium-sized or improved production technology that is ready to use professional business solutions for businesses; computer, circuit boards, industrial 4.0, frameworks and integrated by other technological products is proud to produce the most appropriate solutions for their customers.

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